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Crafting Your Marketing Plan

Listen to You

We start by listening to you and your needs, goals and dreams for your business. We tend to ask lots of questions and dive into your story. Our goal is to have an under-standing of who you are and what you want your business to become. We also listen to the heart beat of business which include the deep foundational truths as well as the current trends and consumer needs. We want to ensure your story is told well and your voice reaches your audience with a felt impact.

Customize Your Strategy

After listening to your needs, hearing your goals and envisioning your dreams with you, our minds are already swirling with the right combination of marketing ingredients that will encompass the strategy that is just right for you. This is where our strategic marketing process really takes off!

Telling Your Story


We creatively communicate to your audience and tell your story in a compelling way. We enjoy the design process and get excited to see, hear and touch business assets that embody who you are as a company. Whether it be a website, new logo, print ma-terials or online ads, we look forward to helping you stand out in your industry through strategic marketing.

Make it Happen

We won’t leave you with the ball rolling. We will not only get the ball rolling, but stay with the marketing process to guide and encourage you along the way.

Analyze and Adjust

We evaluate what is working and not working, not just at the end of a campaign or period of time, but throughout the marketing process. We will analyze where we are, what may need to be tweaked and make the necessary adjustments to make your small business as successful as it can be.

Do It Again

We know that marketing strategy has to be reworked and tweaked on an ongoing ba-sis, so we make evaluation and re-strategizing part of our process. We keep what is working, abandon what isn't, and keep making things better.
There are many pieces and parts to the strategic marketing process and Half a Bubble Out is here to guide you through the process to ensure your business's success.

Helping You Live Out Your Mission

Matching Your Insides to Your Outsides

We can help you craft an amazing story about who you are, what you do and why you do it. The reality though is that if your employees don't buy in to your story, don't believe that what you are telling the world is really true, and don't deliver on the promises we help you make, no amount of crafting and telling will ultimately help you grow and become who you want to be as a company.

Living it Matters

Over a span of time of consulting we have amassed a number of useful tools to help your company become a place where you truly live out the message and marketing that you are telling the world. We are passionate about company culture and helping your company become where the owners and the employees thrive and find fulfillment in their work.

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Our expertise lies in brand building. We help you create a positive brand image for the long run-both online as well as offline.

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Creative Technology

Having a digital presence isn’t enough until you promote it. Wether your objective is closing sales, getting leads or branding...

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Like a fine suit, we tailor-make video to your objectives. From solid research to the creative approach, from ...

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PR & Social Media

The line between the virtual world and real life are blurring. Its important to be present where the world is and create...

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Media Planning & Buying

Kreative Foxes engages audiences with strategic, Precision media buying.We offer businesses big media buying ...

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Aligning measurement outcomes to strategic objectives ...

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